Things have really changed in the profession after 27 years. When I first started, there was no internet to look up statistics or schedules. To get a score, you had to either watch the nightly news all the way to the end and hope you saw your team of interest on the 45 seconds they gave their sports guy, or call somebody. Getting road games in the paper was not as easy as taking your laptop and a hot spot and sending a story back to the newspaper for someone to put it on the page. Or uploading it directly to the website or social media with the push of a button. On long road trips, I remember writing out a story on paper, finding a pay phone at a convenience story and reading my story back to the people at the paper in the freezing cold. I remember being at the JUCO World Series in Grand Junction, Colo., and Fed-Exing my film canister to the paper with an overnight delivery. And faxing the typed-out story, since I had to travel with a computer, a monitor, a keyboard and a printer. No digital cameras back then either.

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