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We think they selected these tiles because they were used in Jewish ritual bathsto convince [the victims] that they were just going to have a shower. At the even lesser-known camp of Sobibor, a pair of archaeologistsone Polish, one Israelihas likewise compiled hard evidence over the past few years, adding to the previous record of testimony and conjecture. Yoram Haimi, the archaeology teams Israeli head, was inspired to carry out the project because two of his uncles died at the camp. Along with his Polish colleague, Wojciech Mazurek, he negotiated with various officials and ultimately secured permission from the Polish government to start investigating the site. The Sobibor archaeologists used a combination of traditional and less-invasive technologies in their search. They carried out low-altitude aerial photography with a weather balloon in order to detect landscape features and the borders of mass graves. Meanwhile, local crews scooped up large wheelbarrows full of dirt, which they sifted through fine mesh screens to reveal small artifacts. The result of all this painstaking work was a series of heart-stopping finds that added vivid detail to existing historical narratives about Sobibor. The teams first major find, in 2011, was two parallel rows of fence posts that took a 90-degree turn near the end. The lines of posts were located where survivors said there was a narrow barbed-wire path that led to the gas chambersa path the Germans sardonically called theHimmelstrasse, or the road to heaven. Finding this path, Mazurek says, was part of what allowed the team to plan future phases of the excavation. We knew it should be very close to the gas chambers. There was just one problem: The site where they thought the gas chambers were located was under a thick expanse of blacktop that had been laid in the 1960s.

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Once the time comes that you decide you would like to dispose of the starter project, and move on to bigger and better things, the process is simple. Frame the focal point. A normal scene can be transformed by paying close attention to detail. And yet, it can be one of the most challenging fields a photographer has to master. Take pictures at different angles to the sun.

If you have a garden that is prone to lots of weeds, a backyard landscaping idea is make sure the lawn is weed backed along with being mowed at least once a week. If you frequent you local home improvement canter, you have probably noticed that there are often tall poles with lights at the top. Vine with 18 to 20 feet twining branches 1 to 2 feet tall Remember to purchase vines at a reputable nursery be sure to water and fertilize according to the tag instructions. 1. As mentioned previously, as you build your new, larger landscape, you will be aware of the shortcomings and mistakes you encountered when building the previous development. These themes would lend themselves well to various backyard landscaping ideas. Dry stonewalls give an ethnic look to the Backyard. Train on posts, walls, or trellises, or use [the victims] as a fast-growing shrubby ground cover. MADAME Julia CORREVON CLEMATIS viticella This is one clematis vine that does great in the south-west.

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For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit [the victims]