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Se.a vies. And this is exactly the impression photographers wish to install on everyone and anyone who see their photos . So often talented but self-taught amateurs produce paintings that are not carefully crafted. Understand how to shoot colour photos of exploding fireworks, take stunning shots of your much loved pets and bring timeless beauty to your photos of children, people and much more. This product is easy to breakdown and carry in the field. Well, its not really as simple as that, because prime lenses do have some advantages.

Critters move around seasonally in response to food pressure, availability of shelter and the presence of predators/disturbances. Keeping up with transients and disturbances can be tough, requiring local experts’ information. Victoria’s status? Victoria’s ecotourism opportunities are excellent, but not as well-known, understood, appreciated or promoted as they could be. Most know Riverside Park’s recreation sites. It’s an eco-destination with six locations within a mile of each other: Athey Nature Property trails; Riverside Walking trail, adjacent to Red River Street; Grover’s Bend riparian area; Fox Bend’s riparian area; Kayak “Trail” (water access only); and the kayak launch area itself. Everything from dense riparian habitats next to the river to more upland habitats is available to local and migratory fowl; and those wanting to enjoy them. Saxet Lake is a boating, fishing and picnic site. Near the back of the property is good two-story habitat – medium trees and ground-level brush – providing both shelter and food for many avian species, both permanent and migratory. Migratory waterfowl use the lake as well. Coleto Creek Park is a recreation destination for camping and fishing.

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Although my photography takes me to many parts of the country and sometimes beyond, I find that I am spending a lot of time within Norfolk amongst the fascinating nature of this county. Knowing where to look is sometimes one of the most important factors in producing an intimate image such as can be seen here. What’s inside My website tells you about my work, the subjects and equipment used and I will attempt to keep you updated with my latest shoots via the diary page. The gallery shows a small selection of the many images that can be purchased either for publication, or as high-quality prints that make such wonderful gifts. Major Gilbert 2003 all rights reserved Web site hand-coded by Norfolk web designers Vantech Media in valid xhtml1.0strict

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